A message to athletes, companies and Arnold Sports Festival Europe followers.

Dear Friends:

We hope that you are all enjoying good health in the company of your families; We also want to send our love and condolences to all those who during these difficult days have lost a beloved one.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone, bringing inconvenience, pain and uncertainty

The necessary adoption of protection measures by governments and health authorities is affectIng all kinds of activities and, especially those related with sports.

We trust that, with all these actions, this pandemic will soon be a sad memory, being in the meantime, everybody health and safety the top priority.

Pending on the release of calendars indicating the progressive return to normal activities, including specific regulations on safety distances and any other recommendation or legal provision, we have temporarily , suspended the sale of tickets, to be in full compliance with rules, guaranteeing the success of the event, the healthy environment and comfort of all.

We shall keep you updated .

Looking forward to meet all of you in Seville , accompanied by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, sharing our passion for sport and health, in another great edition of the Arnold Sport Festival Europe !!