Three Etenon Athletes will participate in the Arnold Classic Proshow 

The IFBB Elite Pro Professional World Championship will feature the participation of three athletes from the Etenon Fitness team 

One of the highlights of the ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL EUROPE is the IFBB Elite Pro Championship, which is part of the prestigious Grand Slam, that is to say one of the five big bodybuilding events of the year. The best professional bodybuilders in the world will take part on the stage to show what they have been preparing during months. The championship will take place on Saturday, September 18th at the FIBES Conference and Exhibition Center in Seville and will feature the unique presence of the IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Etenon Fitness is the main sponsor of this championship, but, in addition, three of its athletes have been invited to participate in different categories. 

The Colombian bikini based in Barcelona, ​​Lina Bejarano, was the winner of Europe and World Championship in the last edition. In just four years, the young athlete has achieved a brilliant career as a result of her constant effort. She has obtained numerous triumphs such as being in the Top 5 in the Olympia Amateur Marbella, Top 3 in the Arnold Classic Europe and number 1 in the Elite world ranking 2019. 

The bodybuilder Carlos Blanco will be the only Spaniard who will compete in the Bodybuilding category. This young athlete started in the world of weights with only 16 years, being in 2010 when he stepped on a stage for the first time. Among his triumphs, stands out he having been proclaimed Champion in the Arnold Classic Europe Amateur and in the IFBB Spanish Championship. 

Alberto Machado, the athlete from Cádiz based in Marbella, has a long professional career and will be participating in the Bodybuilding up to 95Kg category. In his track record we find triumphs such as the podium in the international championships of the Diamond Cup in Macedonia, Madrid and Rome and a fourth place in the last World Master IFBB Elite Pro. 

This representation of Etenon Athletes in a world-class championship is one more example of the great commitment made by the brand and the high level of the team of athletes that has formed Etenon Fitness. 

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