Spanish Streetlifing Association

The AESL (Spanish Streetlifing Association) brings to you Streetlifting or weighted calisthenics, a young and promising sport that looks simple, but only at first sight.
Keep reading to understand how tournaments work.

We suggest you watch a video and dive deep into the atmosphere of the first Spanish National Championship and its individual lifts. It will take place in Castellón (Spain) July 2021, with the later international event taking place in Seville in September at the Arnold Classic Europe.

What’s Streetlifting?
We first must explain two different modalities; “Classic” and “All4”.

Streetlifting Classic takes into account the prowess of athletes in two exercises; Pullups/Chinups and Dips on parallel bars. Both exercises are done by athletes with added weight.
Weight plates go from 0,5kg to 50kg. Athletes have 3 tries (each lift) to lift the maximum weight possible for 1 rep and the athlete who has lifted more weight after combining the numbers of both exercises will be the winner of the “Classic” modality.

Streetlifting All4 on the other hand, takes into account 4 exercises; Pullups/Chinups, Dips, Muscle Ups (rings for women, bar for men) and Bar Squats. These exercises are performed by the athletes with added weights. Weight plates go from 0,5 to 50kg. Athletes have 3 tries (each lift) to lift the maximum weight possible for 1 rep. 100 points are awarded to the best lift of each exercise and the rest of the athletes will be allocated points using a rule of 3 depending on how they fare against the best lift. Combining the points from all four lifts will give us the winner of the All4 modality.