Seville, the joy for fitness!

  • Date: March 4, 2021
  • Categories:EVENT


Our 11th edition of the biggest multisport event in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe comes and we will celebrate in Seville next September 17-19th. This colourful beautiful city, with a big tourist attractive and the warmth of its people, will make ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL EUROPE 2021 an unforgettable event.

The Palace of Congress and Exhibitions FIBE in Seville, located 6km from the city town, will be the home for our event. It is recognized as a great meeting point in the city where many national and international events are held there and it counts with two modern and independents buildings (FIBES I & FIBES II), both connected by a walkway. FIBES I will host the Expo, multi-sport events, conferences and master classes together with the IFBB Amateur Championship while FIBES II will be dedicated for the IFBB Elite Pro Show.

Following the success of previous editions, our fans will meet one more year to enjoy the recent trends of our market, national an international brands, nutrition’s world, sports equipment and clothes, sports championships, beauty and health.