Could you imagine a city invaded of zombies, dark characters, military, part of the resistance and heroes who fight to survive?

The imagination breaks the walls with the most successful World Real Games event. During a night, a weekend o just a few hours the participants will live a post apocalyptic plot, fighting to survive though different proofs like a gymkana and at the same time they have to hide from the zombies present there.

If they get caught by them, they will pass to the dark side and play from the other side, living on their own skin what it mean to be a living dead. Thanks to our professional make up crew and our horde of zombie leaders, the game does not finish when you get caught by the “bad” guys.

After more than 40 editions, Survival Zombies became the revelation of ludic events in Spain. Till now more than 100.000 people have enjoyed this real game in which around 1000 to 3000 participants were in the first and original edition come from one edition to the next around Spain, it is a plot which continues from event to event.

The winner is not the best sprinter or the one which solves our proofs with more imagination we develop each week. The winner is the one who had more fun of all and who really life that fiction world we have made edition after edition, because that is our goal.