Street workout is a Street sport merged with an ancestral way of exercising called calisthenics (training with your own body weight).

It is a sport for everyone. A sport than thanks to its versatility is creating a revolution in the world with a marked social dimension.

Nowadays, there are many national and international street workout competitions, where different skills are tested to measure the skills of the athletes.

  • Stamina: the highest number of reps that the athlete can do with a flawless technique.
  • Tension: isometric positions where a high level of technique is required. The best athlete will be the one able to hold that position for the longer amount of time.
  • Strength: displacement of heavy weighs. Those heavy weights will be added to the athlete´s bodyweight in different exercises.
  • Free style:  an execution of acrobatics movements. Those movements can be chosen from many exercises.
  • Workout style: in this style, the athlete must perform the exercises or movements following the rhythm of the music.

With this sport one can strengthen his body and improve his skills. Furthermore, you can also use calisthenics as a complement for other sports or as a new way of life. Calisthenics is also suitable for anyone, regardless of your age or physical condition, as long as you do it with the proper technique and knowledge.

Join this new lifestyle where the only thing you need to work out is your own body!