Judo is an Olympic sport that was born in Japon. Judo can be translated to “the gentle way”.

This martial art was created by the master Jigoro Kano in the year 1882. Master Kano collected the techniques and tactics of the old Jiu Jitsu schools, which were the Tenjin Shin Yo Ryu and the Kito Ryu.

These schools taught melee martial arts that were practises by armoured medieval warriors such as the samurais in the battlefield until the XIX century in Japon. He managed to merge all those martial arts in one, which it’s called Judo. His school was called the Kodokan.

Nowadays Judo in an Olympic combat sport and it uses a wide range of throws, submissions and strangulations, leaving aside other techniques such as punches, disarms and luxations.

It is also among the most practised martial arts in the world. UNESCO itself declared that Judo is the best sport for kids and young people from 4 until 21 years old, since it provides them with a “integral physical education”, which will help in their development.

The international Olympic committee also considers Judo the most comprehensible sport, since it also promotes other values such as friendship, respect and the effort to improve.