Tenth edition of the Capoeira Spanish Championship. This competition brings together the best nationals athletes of this sport, divided into different categories, from children to seniors. In this edition, we will count on the presence of international teachers and masters and also with the worldwide winner “Mestrando Eberson”.

The competition stands out because of its visual value and its martial nature, linked to the athletes’ versatility to develop in the different rhythms the music calls, the single element in this Brazilian fight. The rhythm is marked by different musical instruments, which indicate to the competitor the “jogo” to follow, Angola, Benguela, São Bento grande and Iuna. Each “jogo” round has a minute of duration. In the event of a tie, the competitors will have to tie-break showing their touch of “berimbau” and capoeira’s music knowledges, in addition, to pass again another round of “São bento grande” for a minute.

The jury is made up of three judges, all of them masters of this discipline.

Every year we have had the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger since he has sympathy for our sport and he has even made some Capoeira movements with us.