The AESL begins to work in the best International Streetlifting Tournament of 2022.

We don’t want to stop so we won’t stop!

AESL: this has been a very long year. First we worked hard so the Spanish Nationals that were ready in Benicassim later on we got our head around getting the international tournament for Arnold Sports Festival Europe ready

Since autumn 2020 we have been trying to get in touch with several international entitites that govern streetlifting in their respective countries and the answers that we have received haven’t been as positivo as we had hoped.

This text is a call to every international organization so we can sit together and work on the best joint tournament Streetlifting athletes have ever seen.

Please, think about the future of the sport and how big things can become if we all work together!

Already working on the best International Streetlifting Tournament in history. Arnold Festival Europe 2022.