The Pole Dance, world name to recognize a sport that has grown in a heap of of new styles: Pole Sport, Pole Art, Pole Classic, Pole Exotic, this sound some of the styles that do that any person, with any type of worry, has content in the Pole, a physical activity that fuses a vertical bar, an athlete and a series of spectacular combinations of force, elasticity, balance, etc.

The pole is a complete and showy sport, which for his clear physical and psychological benefits, every day gains more followers in the whole world.

For the sixth year, pole is once again present at this event, the Andalusian school Aerial Dreams directed by Silvia Giner and the Spanish Pole Association, join THE POLE brand to once again give place to this sport and continue with a pole championship. the maximum demand in which this year the acrobatic hoop category has been added, we invite you to visit our stage, stands and see the spectacular performance of our competitors.