Jumple by Aerower

It’s an activity carried out with bridges that develops the full potential and benefits of the rebound exercise.

It is a fun, very safe and effective activity and although it is high-intensity exercise, the perceived effort is fewer thanks to the 80% damping of the impact on the joints and to reduce the punctual and chronic fatigue. Better results were obtained at the level of bodybuilding, especially the lower body and fat loss with less training time.

When we do physical activity, the body experiences a series of changes at different levels (physiological, psychological, etc.), however, with the rebound exercise, these changes become extremely interesting, since they benefit our bodies in many aspects. Several studies ensure that rebound exercise often helps to reduce body fat, strengthen our muscles, improve our balance and lymphatic system among other benefits.

If you are a fitness professional, the Aerower Jumple program is made for you since it allows you to learn the correct use of bridges of any brand, the differences between the rebound and propulsion technique, its practical application to the different specialization programs and its innovative features.

During the Arnold you could attend the Jumple Masterclass and try the ideal jump, more progressive and adapted to you, from the Aerower jumpers. Sign up! a Jumple class can’t be forgotten!

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