The Arm Wrestling Club Polichero hosts in September an arm wrestling championship in Seville, with 4 categories plus an exhibition.

The Polichero Sports Club of arm wrestling with its greatest exponent and president Alberto Galvin and with the unconditional support of the Puerto Serrano City Council, will carry out several exhibitions to be able to encourage this sport and get this sport to reach Many more people, we will be present at the Arnold classic europe in Seville, there will be a large part of the club’s components encouraging ARS Wueslin to still hold on.

Techniques and movements will be shown to the attendees at a professional table, on the 18th there will be a championship with the weigh-in at 10am and the competition at 12pm, with 14 categories.

We started with amateur, female left and right free weights, left and right senior categories -75k, -85k, -95 and + 95k left and right and finally champion of champions who would deliver the two best of each category in an all-out fight to see who is the best of all weights and for the first time we will do it with both arms. We wanted to premiere it at this sporting event, which is the largest in Spain, the Arnold Classic.

The sports delegate Antonio Roldan and the president Alberto Galvin, are very excited to carry out this activity in an event as big as the Arnold classic, since this modality is also part of the use of technique and force, without More we wanted to thank the organization for having the club for this very important event and that gathers so many attendees from different parts of the world.